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Among tours to Asia such as Cambodia Vietnam tours and Thailand Vietnam Cambodia tour, I like Vietnam tour packages the most. 

1. Street food

Vietnamese food is famous worldwide for its yummy flavour.Food selling along the street in Vietnam is varied with thousand of options particularly sticky rice, Saigon bagurette, rice noodles.It is very astonishing that the way to make street food in Vietnam is extremely simple and easy, however the quality is awesome.Wandering along Vietnamese street, you will run into street food stalls almost everywhere.During my Vietnam vacation packages, I vote the experience of eating food in the streets to be the most wonderful memory of mine.

2. Cross the road
Passing the highway in Vietnam is not so easy as in Developed countries.In Vietnam, motorcycle is regarded as the most popular means of transport, and the stream of these vehicles appears to be unable to predict.To go across the roads, the most incredible hint is simply to walk steadily and not to suddenly run through traffict.The traffict will certainly flow surrounding you, and thus don’t get worried to muchThe sensation after getting successfully come to the other side of the roads is really great: You have passed this challenge!

Best attraction in Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour: Halong bay

3. Coffee
Being the second largest coffee supplier of the world, Vietnam is the paradise of coffee.That is certainly the reason why it is really a terrible loss if you visit Vietnam without tasting the taste of “original coffee”.Sweeten condense milk is usually added to coffee to lighten the bitterness of this drink.Trung Nguyen is regarded as the most legendary coffee brand in Vietnam.I am crazy about sipping coffee inside stunning shop in Vietnam; it gives me a peaceful mood.

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for almost any Vietnam vacation tours.Being known as a world heritage site, Halong bay is truly as beautiful as reward on the internet.I firmly believe that the astounding scenery in Halong will make you surprised with astonishing.Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with thousand of great limestone islands, that is topped by rainforests in the peak, combined with clean water with color so green as emerald.The figures of limestone karsts and also isles is various.My experience is to avoid public vacation and peak time when taking a trip this place.

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks has way more fun than you believed.One of the practices of Vietnamese is performing exercises and learning how to dance all together in the local park. It is extremely exciting anyway.Jogging or running around the park is as well a regular routine in the local park.Despite that I am a foreigner, I nevertheless think that these kinds of exercises enticing.It is possible to take part in those physical exercises and have entertaining if you would like to; do not be afraid, you will be always welcome as Vietnamses people are pleasant.

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