The cause I love Vietnam trip package

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Below is the reasons why you should book a Vietnam package tour

1. Street food

The the most awesome site to try Vietnamese meals is not in the luxury place, but actually it is on simple stores in the streetside.The street food of Vietnam is extremely mouthwatering, for instance Pho, fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese broken rice.It is very amazing that the how to prepare street food in Vietnam is very simple and easy, nevertheless the flavour is unforgettable.Walking along Vietnamese road, you would run into street food stalls everywhere.It’s is certainly an wonderful experience to enjoy Vietnamese food on the plastic stools in some narrow corners.

Vietnam tour packages are enticing with exotic sceneries

2. Cross the road
One of the most important skill you need to know at the time you possess travel packages in Vietnam is the technique to pass the road.As a consequence of the wide-using of motorbike, the streets in Vietnam is crowded with two-wheel motor bikes which could scarcely anticipate their movements.To pass the roads, the best hint is to move steadily and not to suddenly run through traffict.You can also ask the locals to help you; they are really friendly and don’t mind guiding.I am almost crazy about the mood once i have successfully reach the opposite side of the street. It feels like I have received victory in some tough game!

3. Coffee
Being the 2nd largest coffee supplier around the world, Vietnam is the paradise of coffee.You possibly can taste the “original taste of coffee” in Vietnam: they are more powerful than normal.Vietnamese usually add sweeten condense milk to coffee to make it more tasty. To get the greateast taste of Vietnam coffee, you should have a sip in Highland coffee store.I am crazy about sipping coffee inside lovely store in Vietnam; it provides me a restful mood.

4. Halong bay
In Quang Ning, Halong, which means “descending dragon”, is a must-go destination for every Vietnam packge tours.Being labeled as a world heritage site, Halong bay is really as breathtaking as praise on the internet.Coming to Halong bay, the amazing view will surely make you feel as if you have lost into some heaven on earth.In Halong there are plenty of tons of high limestone islands.The figures of limestone karsts and isles is diverse.A free tip is to stay away from public vacation and peak time when travelling here.

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are filled with lively songs combined with exercises.On a regular basis, in the morning-time or in the sunset, you could find a group of individuals spending time on physical exercise or practicing dancing all together beside the lake.You can even see men and women walking and running in the local park.Owing to these types of collective routines, Vietnamese people are fairly close-knit.If you want to participate in, just join them, the more the merrier said Vietnamese.

I would also love to recommend Myanmar package tours for this summer!

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